Susan Jenkins was born in Long Beach California. Spending summers in Santa Barbara  with her grandparent’s had a significant influence in her career as an artist. Her grandfather was an avid gardener and woodworker and her grandmother and mother has a great love and appreciation for beautiful art forms. 

In Santa Barbara she visited museums ad toured beautiful old homes and gardens taking art classes at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, painting and studying the work of great masters. Early exposer to different art and the lovely surroundings in which she lived during those special summers, she developed a love for paintings, especially still life. 

“I love the beauty of form. The old antique pieces that belong to my grandmother are lovely, some are so fanciful and dear. I incorporate them into my still life along with other pieces of my mothers and pieces that I have collected over the years.” 

Working as a porcelain painter for ten years taught her patience and discipline. “That was an education and certainly helped my growth as an artist. I worked with many wonderful artisans and world famous porcelain painters. It was an experience I will aways treasure.” 

As part of her work as an art instructor, she has authored books on painting still life and filmed several instructional videos on the subject. Her art has been reproduced on greeting cards for Marcel Schurman, prints through Bentley House Limited and fine art reproductions for Art Resources International Ltd/Bon Art. 

Her years of study and development of technique have resulted in work that reflects her love of beautiful subject matter, color and form. Susan has been an Art Instructor for 35 years. She lives in Cambria, CA where she has a studio just steps from the ocean. “I am surrounded by the beauty that inspires my paintings.” 

Her work appears in many important private collections in the United States and Canada, including: 

Gallo Wine

Foster Farms 

Derby Wine Estates