Alison Lowe (Platt) is a representational artist who looks at all her work as an exploration of both process and emotion.   Her energy and charisma towards the creative process is at the heart of her art.  Whether painting, drawing, or creating Mixed's the link between process and emotion that connects all of her work.  Alison grew up in Livingston, New Jersey and attended the George Washington University where she was a dual major of Fine Art and Art History.  After graduation she moved out to California and spent 10 years engrossed in Plein-Air painting as well as American Impressionism.  While her children were young, she decided to study with contemporary artist George Small, whose studio was down the street.  It was there where her artistic interest opened up to new subjects and new media.  She has a deep interest in the spiritual and energetic fields that are within each of us and hopes to convey this through her art.  Alison takes her art seriously, but not herself.  She is the eternal optimist.  Regardless of the medium she is working with, her love of nature and the human form is evident.  She approaches all of her work with the principles of art:  shape, value, color, line, scale and composition.  

Artist's statement: "I am constantly amazed at how each piece seems to "come together" and make sense.  Learning to let go and trust my instincts feels like I am truly honoring myself.   When I'm working directly from life, I not only paint what I see, but hope to describe the essence and feeling of that life force.  When I am working in my studio, I get to play and experiment with color, shape and composition.  I work in a variety of mediums and subject matter because it forces me to stay present and be spontaneous.  I get lost in a sea of luscious color and shapes.  It can be exciting, relaxing, and sometimes frustrating, but it makes me feel alive!"  



"Cambria Pines Lodge"

Oil on board 12" x9". $475.00

 "Hills and Valley"   Oil on Canvas 16"x20".  $750.00

"Hills and Valley" 

Oil on Canvas 16"x20".  $750.00

"Early Morning, Summer Light" 

Oil on canvas   25"x23".  $1,250.00

Spring Beginnings  "8x10" $295.00