Aaron Appel 

AaronPortalToBigSur - 2.jpg

Aaron Appel, Cambria native has carved his niche in California’s Central Coast over the last 15 years with his “green” woodwork. Using only sustainable resources, he creates one of a kind pieces out of salvaged recycled wood from wind fallen trees and urban removals. Focusing on the natural beauty of the wood, Aaron prefers to leave the edges live while bringing out the wood’s natural color and grain. Sycamore, Cypress, Redwood, and Monterey Pine are the more common types of wood used in Aaron’s work. His sculptures and furniture can be found in homes and businesses up and down the Central Coast. Most notable is his collaboration with another local artist in the creation of the outdoor sculpture The Portal to Big Sur located at the Ragged Point Inn in southern Big Sur. This work of art can be seen posted all over social media by locals and tourists alike. From living rooms, kitchens, and gardens, Aaron’s work adds beauty and grace to any environment.